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Roger Tamraz, a flamboyant businessman who refused to take no for an answer, proudly acknowledged Thursday that campaign donations and persistence got him into the White House six times, despite the objections of President Clinton's national security advisers. Alternately droll, irascible, self-righteous, self-pitying and intriguingly coy about longtime CIA ties, Tamraz provided the first vivid look at a largely maligned species during the 6-week-old hearing: a major political contributor.

Although evidence suggests he got only Clinton's fleeting attention and never the formal U. Joseph Lieberman D-Conn. His testimony came a day after a White House national security adviser testified that she was the object of fierce lobbying on behalf of Tamraz, whom she felt the White House should "avoid like the plague.

Tamraz said his political contributions stemmed from a mix of private business interest, ego and geopolitical concerns. It certainly wasn't political ideology because, he confirmed, he has given to each party and has never registered to vote.

An unceasing quest to be heard led him to donate money, then develop relationships with senior officials at the CIA, the Energy Department and the Democratic National Committee, among others, long before he confronted an apparent roadblock, the National Security Council. A Senate committee rife with egos met its match in a man who admitted he wanted to be a player on the world stage.

Carl Levin D-Mich. Staffer Sheila Heslin, who testified Wednesday about the lobbying effort, cited his shady image, including embezzlement charges in Lebanon that he claims were politically motivated.

Tamraz derided Heslin as not fit to judge him and cut short Sen. Dick Durbin D-Ill. He hinted at a spy-novel past when insisting he could not detail certain CIA contacts unless the panel went into executive session. In prepared testimony, he portrayed himself as a victim "swimming in false accusations" for whom "the U.

Senate rises like a lighthouse beacon beckoning me to the solid ground I have been wanting. He was amusing, a self-described "stealth bomber" trying to compete against huge air forces of "Republican oil companies" with long-standing clout. Asked about his unceasing quest to get to Clinton, Tamraz said no one should accept initial defeat.


When Sen. Robert Bennett R-Utah noted how Tamraz had hired the law firm of the DNC's campaign finance chairman, he denied his motives were to curry favor with influential Democrats. Thompson then asked if Tamraz felt he had "a right to have the president consider your business deal. Tamraz responded: "He Clinton could have told me to forget it, come play golf.

roger tamraz

Tamraz's colorful testimony overshadowed the committee's efforts to explore one of the most serious issues raised by Heslin. She testified that former Energy Department official John Carter pressured her to lift her objection to a Clinton-Tamraz meeting.

Carter denied Heslin's charge about pressuring her for a meeting, but conceded that he mentioned Tamraz's contributions, claiming he brought them up at the behest of Charles Simpson, another Energy official. Simpson, who also appeared Thursday before the committee, denied that was true.

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The conflict in Carter's and Simpson's testimony prompted Sen. Bob Smith R-N. Committee Democrats and White House officials have stressed that although Tamraz attended several White House functions, he never got a private meeting with Clinton and the administration did not drop its opposition to the pipeline. During questioning by Sen.

Susan Collins R-MaineTamraz complained that even big donors get little time at gatherings with Clinton, in part, because women "swoon around him.Police said they know nothing about his reported disappearance. The associate, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he believes the kidnappers are acting for an individual or individuals who lost money when Bank Al-Mashrek collapsed in December.

He said he was not sure of their identities. The associate said Tamraz was kidnapped Feb. In he set up his own investment firm, First Arabian Corp. Among his better-known business moves were a bid to buy the Lockheed Aircraft Co.

A run on Al-Mashrek deposits began in December. Tamraz was arrested in Christian east Beirut pending an investigation, but fled to Moslem-controlled west Beirut in January, where he lived in a seaside hotel until shortly before his reported kidnapping. The hotel said he checked out to stay with a friend.

Tamraz has been feuding with central bank governor Edward Naim, whom he accused of undermining Bank Al-Mashrek to get rid of him. Naim has not replied publicly. Lebanese Banker Reported Kidnapped.

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Roger Edward Tamraz

All rights reserved.Top left corner, was a very close friend of my fathers. His name is Roger Tamraz. For a more detail part, I will place some info of which is noted about him from Wikipedia. His early schooling was at the prestigious English School in Cairo. He became a U. The bank stopped payments on October 14, It owned nine other banks, controlled 35 companies and employed 43, people at the time of its collapse.

Kidder Peabody continued to advise the board of IIC until under an advisory contract, at which time the relationship was discontinued. This company was one of the early pioneers in the construction of LNG vessels for oceangoing natural gas transport, and also specialized in submarines, patrol boats and other military platforms. In addition, the yard constructed very large crude carriers VLCC5 and conventional bulk cargo vessels for the civilian maritime industry. Completion of an additional pumping station in increased capacity to its current 2.

My father was an adviser on energy investments to Roger E. Tamraz, a Lebanese financier who headed a group of Arab investors interested in taking over the then-financially troubled Commonwealth Oil Refining Co. I will never forget back in the s, seeing Tamraz on the news and being ordered to testify for his contribution to Clinton, as well as others who also gave.

Or maybe Dad called him? I forget. But it was one or the other. To those who knew my father, he and in turn, myself and my mom did not like nor care for Clinton at all.

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So, my father was both stunned and shocked to realize that one of his closest friends, Tamraz was giving money to Clinton Administration. His name is Yehia El-Komy. Dad knew him for almost as long as he knew Khashoggi, for 20 years if not longer. In fact, El-Komi holds a really important, personal part of our lives, even my life as well. Well, at one point in the mids, El-Komi offered me a job to live and work in Cairo, Egypt. I always had the interest to live in the Middle East or something to this extent, but my main concern was the language barrier.

After a period of time to think about it, in the end, I declined the offer. Then on a more devastating part of our life, regarding the death of my father from Malignant Melanoma skin cancer, El-Komi played the primary role.

Let me explain:…. They were sitting outside in front of the pool at their hotel, under the umbrella, and having a drink with their shirts off. He did get it checked. Sadly, it was the most fatal type of skin cancer, called Malignant Melanoma. Dad and even my mom knew King Fahd back in those days, and well, Dad knew him closer since he worked with him via Khashoggi, on a lot of business deals in the s, s etc….

Sammi Hashim. Hashim was a Metabolic Scientist at St. Far Left, my personal medical doctor and Friend, Dr. Sammi Hashim of St. The former Savak Agent and double agent for both Iran and Israel.

The plot was exposed, and hundreds of officers were arrested at Nojeh Air Base on July The new owners consist of a group of European and American investors who have never been individually named by the bank, but according to Reuters and other reputable sources they are known to include veteran businessman Roger Tamraz. There has been no substantive response by the ECB.

The SRB merely stated that it needs to determine which parts of its decision can be disclosed to the bank. The FCMC will have to explain the basis on which it made a determination of the unavailability of deposits. This includes the investment treaty between the United States of America and Latvia. Outside observers such as the US government but also the competent Latvian authorities themselves have acknowledged the serious issues in this regard.

The competent authorities and the courts should be allowed to discharge fully their responsibility in this regard so as to restore confidence in the system. It was formerly known as Norvik bank. PNB depositors are advised to consult the webpage of the regulator for the latest developments and details of how to claim any monies owed.

roger tamraz

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Saeima approves government's latest emergency measures.Previous Next. Table of Contents Chapter 1: the beginning of the war. Chapter 2: Haifa, my first trip to Israel.

roger tamraz

Chapter 3: The "Safra" operation and the battle of Zahle. Chapter 4:Houbeika banks on two horses, Israel and Syria. Chapter 5: The four Iranian diplomats. Chapter 6: Mass grave behind the Amn Headquarters, Shiaa buried. Chapter 7: The assassination of Bashir Gemayel - Chapter 8: The massacres of Sabra and Chatilla, I witnessed the horor.

Chapter Hobeika chief of Intelligence, the toughest, bloodiest. Chapter HK creates three elite forces. ChapterThe Kataeb politbureau expel Geagea from the party.

Chapter The first intifada, March 12th at dawn. Chapter Clashes between the forces of Machaalani and Zouein. Chapter The Tripartite Agreement. Chapter The preparation of the rebellion in East Beirut. Chapter January 16thHell at am.

Tamraz's White House Access Intensifies Fund-raising Charges

Chapter Rescued by the army to the Defence Ministry to Yarze. Chapter Samir Geagea, the conquering hero. Chapter Houbeika and Kanso; smugling and counterfeiting. Chapter The blast that could have killed Houbeika in Zahle.Key testimony is expected today from the man himself, as well as an Energy Department official who tried to gain Tamraz access to the White House. She told the Senate panel a variety of sources told her disturbing things about Tamraz.

Tamraz was promoting an international oil pipeline project and giving a lot of money to Democrats. He admits the two things are related. If the other oil companies were there, why shouldn't I be there? Heslin opposed letting Tamraz in the White House. She took notes at the time that back that up. McClarty says he asked for information on the Tamraz project, but never talked about a meeting or money. Heslin testified she didn't buckle even when Carter told her he was calling on behalf of McClarty.

Eventually, somehow Tamraz got into the White house several times, though never for a one-on-one meeting with the president. Republicans think it is a tawdry case of money buying access. The deal was not the pipeline, said chairman Fred Thompson R-Tenn. In addition to Tamraz, Carter will testify today. Sources say Carter remembers mentioning potential donations but does not feel that he pressured Heslin. In Other News: Thursday Sept.The Central Intelligence Agency is used to dealing with secrets and mysteries, but after a week of internal investigation, it has not begun to crack the Roger Tamraz case.

The case influenced Anthony Lake's decision to withdraw as the nominee for Director of Central Intelligence on Monday and has added to the Clinton Administration's troubles over campaign financing. Tenet, chosen as the new nominee on Wednesday, has ordered the agency's inspector general to investigate what he called ''extremely serious'' accusations of improper contacts between the agency and the Democratic National Committee in the Tamraz matter.

After giving generously to the Democratic Party, he received four invitations to the White House last year over the objections of the National Security Council. The C. Tamraz did not include published and widely circulated information about the embezzlement charge against him, intelligence officials said.

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Tamraz says the charge is politically motivated. Even more interesting to investigators, the officials say, is that William Lofgren, the C. Tamraz gain access to the White House, left the agency, angry over accusations by Mr. Tenet and his boss, John M. Deutch, then Director of Central Intelligence, and now does consulting work for Mr. Intelligence officials said Mr.

Lofgren violated no ethics rules by doing consulting work for Mr. Tamraz after leaving the C. InMr. Tamraz was seeking Washington's support for a hugely expensive project: a mile oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea through the Caucasus Mountains, past a politically fractious corner of the former Soviet Union, through Turkey to the Mediterranean Sea.

At the same time, Mr. Lofgren was the head of a C. A former cold warrior from the agency's Soviet covert operations division, he was deeply unhappy with his new bosses, Mr.

Tenet and Mr. When Mr.

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Lofgren fired off classified cables to his case officers saying the Director was dead wrong, intelligence officials said. On June 2,Mr. He was interested in meeting President Clinton and other senior Government officials to discuss his project. A generous donor to the Republican Party in the past, Mr.

Aha Kiana Zalim by Jermain Tamraz

Tamraz also had several contacts at the C. He has also provided information to the agency on an unpaid basis, intelligence officials said. One of his C. Lofgren, whose identity was first reported today by The Washington Post. In Maybefore meeting Mr. Tamraz, Ms. Heslin asked the C. She received a report by Mr. Lofgren, intelligence officials said.

Of course, the N. Heslin recommended that Mr.

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